My mission is to support parents in feeling confidentcongruent and conscious. Parenting is often a lonely journey - my intention is to provide a non-judgmental space to problem-solve and improve family relationships.  Through pro-active verbal strategies and the latest research, I offer alternative and practical opportunities for parents to raise self-assuredresponsible and caring children.

A highly-trained professional who works with you to positively respond to

the challenges of raising healthy, happy, and successful children. 





Learn smarter techniques to minimize behaviors, such as tantrums, whining, rule breaking and talking back. 







Lower your stress while building a fair and more positive relationship with your child.






Help yourself navigate a big transition - new move, new addition to the family, separation, or divorce.






Hello, my name is Stephanie Owen, and I’m proud to have worked with families for over a decade




I'm a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. As a therapist I discovered the challenges parents face through therapy and aim to make the parenting experience that much better. Power struggles and misbehavior are often the direct result of not having effective tools. For this reason, I decided to focus on combining my expertise in Positive Discipline and therapy to actively help parents create happier homes. 

My mission is to teachsimplify, and give feedback based on proven parenting techniques. I work with parents worldwide and specialize in single parent support

Please call (415) 501-9773, e-mail or book HERE for a complimentary 20 minute Strategy Phone Session.