What is a Parenting Coach?

A parenting coach is a one-on-one professional relationship where we work together to set and achieve goals for yourself as related your family and child/ren to experience fulfillment

It's a relationship that helps and supports you to find your own unique answers of motivation, insight, self-awareness, and action

It focuses specifically on your unique challenges of parenting and teaches you how to positively respond to your child/ren in ways to make like seem easier   

It provides education on specific techniques to lower your stress and improve your relationship with your child

Offers guidance to help you learn parenting strategies according to your child/ren’s developmental stages and specific behaviors according to their unmet needs

It helps you discover and sharpen strengths already inside of you




How do I know I need a Parenting Coach?

  • Do you find yourself having questions like:  “We just had a transition or will have an upcoming one (new school / move / new addition to the family / separation / divorce), how can I help prepare for or best help my child/ren adjust?"
  • Do you find yourself having self-reflecting thoughts that sound like:  “I wish I had someone to talk to about my son/daughter’s physical aggression/rule-breaking…”
  • Do you find yourself noticing some unwanted behaviors and having future worries such as:  “My child’s tantrums/whining/power struggles is somewhat manageable now, but I really hope he/she doesn’t keep up this behavior in the future."

If you answered YES to asking yourself any of these questions, contact me for a complimentary Exploration Session to discover how I can best support you.



"I’ve been working with Stephanie Owen for well over 6 months. As a recently divorced father of two, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t messing up my kids. Stephanie's belief in a positive disciplineapproach aligns with the values I try to instill in my children. Her empathetic listening and reassuring manner have helped me retain and grow confidence in my parenting abilities.

From strategies for saying no, to remain firm, kind, and less permissive, to tools that encourage rather than discourage, Stephanie offers regular reminders to stay curious, build connection and grow mutual respect between you and your children.

Stephanie has helped me to become far less frustrated by the inevitable and routine challenges, and has reminded me that leadership isn’t just for work. Many people go to family members when looking for advice when raising their kids. That’s appropriate, but can’t beat having an objective, unbiased, outside objective.

Every good parent questions his or her abilities from time to time. If you find you’re frequently unsure of the answers, do yourself, and more importantly, your children a favor, and contact Stephanie Owen."

- K.B.

 "Experienced + trustworthy" - Anand Kulkarni