Why should I use a Parenting Coach instead of a therapist, friends or family?

A therapist is very different than a parenting coach. Although having a parenting coach can be therapeutic and healing, the focus of a parenting coach is to identify specific accomplishments, plans, action steps and thought processes to help you move towards achievement of those goals. If you want to process deep seated issues, a therapist would be a better option to create your emotional healing. However, if you want to focus on specific and identifiable family changes, such as doing chores when asked and less yelling at home, and you want to make an internal shift in doing so, having a parenting coach with you each step of the way may be of more value.

Having friends and family can be a phenomenal resource, and yet for some it may seem limiting or leave you feeling judged. In that case, the essence of a parenting coach can give you a reliable and safe outside resource always within reach through phone, e-mail and in-person.

Will any Parenting Coach benefit me, or should I look for specific qualifications?

Seeking support for your family is a big step! It's an investment in yourself and the vision you have for your family.  But, where to start when choosing a parenting coach? Since anyone can promote themselves as a coach, it's important to understand their experience with families and educational background. There are coaching certification programs that many go through which are highly regarded. Alternatively, choosing a parenting coach who is also a Licensed therapist, like myself, allows you to benefit from these unique qualities in the coaching relationship

  • Skillful listening - empathic and in-tune listening is the basis of an effective therapeutic relationship

  • Ability to reframe - putting challenges into a new "frame" is how therapists help explore opportunities

  • Detached judgement - therapy is often a safe place to share your deepest thoughts/feelings freely

  • Confidentiality and ethics - therapists have strong professional and ethical guidelines to uphold their license

  • Solution focused - trained therapists are experienced solution seekers

Will you work with my child(ren)? 

Although we would talk about your children, generally parenting coaches don’t work with children. I would support you as the parent to work on any issues you’re having with your child(ren).

As a caveat, I can also provide live sessions at your request to observe and more accurately use as a springboard to help guide you on specific goals through example or immediate feedback following the session.

Can Parenting Coaching be over the phone, email or through video chat?

Yes! Although sessions can be in person at your request, since I often meet with parents worldwide, we can easily connect over the phone or via Skype, Google Hangout, or any other compatible video chat device. Each session will be in real time with unlimited parenting support between sessions.  

How long is each session? How many sessions are needed to start seeing results?

All sessions are one hour in length. Results are 100% dependent on your commitment and desire to explore alternative parenting strategies with myself supporting you throughout (also see response to next question). With that said, I often see parents make profound internal parenting shifts causing positive family changes within the first 6 sessions.  

Do you offer a guarantee with your services?

The short answer is yes and no.

The long answer is:

  • Yes, I can guarantee exceptional customer service, parenting tips, researched tools, and support to help you find meaning, success, and peace within yourself, as well as a connection to build with your child(ren).

  • No, I can't guarantee, for instance that your child(ren) will do everything they are told or you will know everything you need to know about being your ideal parent, because this guarantee depends on many factors, one major one being YOU. It is YOU who is the driving force to make changes, and it is I who would be there each step of the way providing you with the significant, challenging and important internal questions to ask yourself to re-power yourself to move forward towards your goals

What forms of payment do you take? Do you accept insurance?

Credit card, cash and cashier checks are accepted as valid forms of payment. Unfortunately, insurance isn’t accepted. Insurance companies require a diagnosis be made, which will not be part of this service.

How can I find out more about your services without committing just yet?

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