One-on-One Coaching - Yourself or With Your Partner

Free - Complimentary 20 minute Strategy Phone Session by phone. You can ask any questions and share your concerns. It also allows me to learn more about your worries, discuss parenting coaching and how I tailor it to your specific needs and goals. You will most likely leave feeling happier, more confident and informed.

5 Session Block - Parenting with Consciousness and Congruence Coaching Program - Weekly one-on-one coaching by phone or video to align yourself with feeling congruent and conscious in your everyday parenting decisions. This program is for you if you feel frustrated or irritated because what you've been trying hasn't been helping, confused as to why your kids keep doing the same behaviors over and over again, or worried that things might get worse. Together we'll tackle some of your biggest questions, guide you towards the parent you've always wanted to be. All sessions include e-mail follow up notes, and unlimited e-mail access for clarification support, questions, and reinforcement.

One Hour Session Shift - An hour of coaching by phone or video. The Session Shift typically follows the Parenting with Consciousness and Congruence Coaching Program and is meant to support in realigning with your parenting goals that we've been working towards. It can helpful to refocus and shift your mindset, find clarity, and alternative pro-active and practical strategies.

Please inquire about coaching programs and session pricing.  

Group Workshops - Organizations and Home Parent Gatherings

Group workshops are also available. I offer workshops at schools, organizations and homes for parents.  Below are some parent reviews from recent workshops, as well as a sample one.

The workshop blended information and rich content with interactive components, creating active + practical learning environment.
— Sharon Karlsberg, parent participant
The tips on specific encouragement strategies were easy to understand. I look forward to trying them out!
— Scott Fable, parent participant

Sample Workshop:

Annoyed, irritated, challenged? Learn how to manage your child's willful behaviors with Positive Discipline

2 Hour Workshop for Parents of 6-8 year olds

  • Do you continue to use bribing and punishing as a way to help, but found it doesn't actually help?

  • Concerned about how these challenges will snowball?

  • Are you having an internal battle of how to approach these situations, yet don't have a clear starting point?

Reduce your daily and potential ongoing stress levels!

This interactive workshop tackles the challenges that parents face in setting limits and clear boundaries.  Learn how Positive Discipline and Kind and Firmness parenting impacts your child's sense of belonging and significance.

  • Learn effective strategies for saying no

  • Find ways to respect yours and your child's needs simultaneously

  • Explore practical parenting alternatives to shouting, bribing and punishing

  • Learn how to best support your child without enabling them

  • Bring more respect, cooperation and family involvement in your home

Please contact Stephanie Owen at (415) 501-9773 or to discuss a workshop. Fees are dependent on group size and length of time requested.